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No space for a full rack of Dumbbells...No Problem!  LIFTPRO™ Adjustable Dumbbells Save Space while still giving you a full rack of Dumbbells

2020 New Adjustable Dumbbell

Introducing our new design of LIFTPRO™ adjustable dumbbells. Improve your home workouts with this easy to use, time-efficient dumbbell.

LIFTPRO™ Adjustable Dumbbells have weights that adjust from 5 to 52 lbs in 5 lb. increments. 

LIFTPRO™ Easy-to-use selection dials for adjusting weights. Replaces up to 34 pairs of dumbbells. Sold as a pair.

Great for toning and strength training exercises for both upper and lower body including heavy leg lifts. The weight range allows you to do heavy exercises such as shrugs and lunges as well as lighter exercises such as curls and raises. 

What every serious athlete needs!



✅Fast Adjustable Weight
Each dumbbell adjusts from 5 to 52.5 pounds. adjusts in 2.5-pound increments up to the first 25 pounds, simple to assemble and disassemble, incredibly easy to add or reduce weight to meet different needs.

✅30 in 1 Dumbbell Set:x2
Replace a full dumbbell rack and get the most value out of your space. Our dumbbell gives you an entire 15-piece set in a single dumbbell.


✅Premium-Quality Material
Dumbbell in metal with steel core, solid structure, star-shaped buckles, this design is more resistant and stable than traditional dumbbells.


✅Great for all Muscle Groups
All-for-One set can be performed for every area of your body with countless workout options like shrugs, lunges, curls, and raises.


✅100% Satisfaction
We hope to provide you with the best service with the most sincere attitude, to achieve a win-win situation for both of us, and provide you with a hassle-free shopping experience!



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